Mint Hill Presbyterian Church Seeks to Live Out Christ/s Redemptive Purpose through:

Worship – To Live Out Christ’s Redemptive Purpose in worship by glorifying the triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) . This is done through Christ-centered teaching and preaching, passionate and meaningful prayer, and joyful music.

Community (Fellowship) – To Live Out Christ’s Redemptive Purpose in our community by joining with one another in life despite our differences or shortfalls, helping each other to become more like Christ. This is practically done through a diverse community that loves one another through deep Christ-centered friendships.

Growth (Discipleship/Training) To Live Out Christ’s Redemptive Purpose in our discipleship by growing our affections, our understanding, and our faith for the triune God. This growth is accomplished through a diverse community gathering together to study, pray, and apply God’s word practically to our lives.

Outreach (Mission/Evangelism) – To Live Out Christ’s Redemptive Purpose in the proclamation of God’s Word and Christ’s Redemptive act to those that do not know Christ personally. As a diverse community of believers we will go out into our neighborhoods, communities, and workplaces proclaiming and living out the Gospel of Christ’s redemptive act.

Mercy (Ministry) – To Live Out Christ’s Redemptive Purpose in the way we respond to the needs of those in our community. As Christ has graciously given to us we will give to others who are in need. This purposeful giving is always coupled with the gospel in an effort not only to bring physical healing but also spiritual transformation.