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In Life or In Death

Dear Loved Ones,

In life or in death we belong to Christ. In life or in death we serve Christ.

This isn’t a quaint saying meant to inspire. It’s an honest phrase meant to ravage our hearts and undo us. It’s meant to bring perspective and comfort. In all of life and death, we belong to a Savior that is greater than all the grief and confusion, chaos and pain this sinful and broken world seems to hold. This is the phrase that I was reminded of as I read about the passing of a dear saint.

Kara Tippetts and her husband Jason moved to Colorado Springs to plant a church (PCA). Jason went to seminary at Reformed Theological Seminary here in Charlotte. Soon after arriving Kara, this 38 year old mother of four, was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. She lived and died for Jesus. This is her testimony. This is her witness:

“My little body has grown tired of battle, and treatment is no longer helping. But what I see, what I know, what I have is Jesus. He has still given me breath, and with it I pray I would live well and fade well. By degrees doing both, living and dying, as I have moments left to live. I get to draw my people close, kiss them and tenderly speak love over their lives. I get to pray into eternity my hopes and fears for the moments of my loves. I get to laugh and cry and wonder over Heaven. I do not feel like I have the courage for this journey, but I have Jesus—and He will provide. He has given me so much to be grateful for, and that gratitude, that wondering over His love, will cover us all. And it will carry us—carry us in ways we cannot comprehend.”

“I feel too young to be in this battle, but maybe I’m not in a battle at all. Maybe I’m on a journey, and the journey is more beautiful than any of us can comprehend. And if we did understand, we would hold very loosely to one another because I’m going to be with Jesus. There is grace that will seep into all the cracks and pained places when we don’t understand.”

“And after all that was over, I asked for my favorite snack- Life cereal. I asked for a bowl of cereal and I cried into my favorite snack. I cried and knew what was said was true. I cried and knew I have turned yet another corner and around that corner I will be met with new grace, new abiding, new joy, and new surrender. I will have a more tender love to share, a more sincere story to tell, a more immediate desire for those I love to know the true Love of my heart. The loves that are many, but especially the loves- the big Jesus love that makes all this peace possible. There will be more tears in my cereal, and that’s okay. Those tears are captured and known. All this brokenness is known. I’m broken into a million tiny shards- and each piece is known…”

Jesus knows all of our brokenness. He sees every tear and holds all the tiny shards—yes, each piece—in His loving and sovereign hand. For Kara, in life and death, she belonged to her precious Savior. For Kara, even with her last breath and the last stroke of the key she served her faithful Lord. Now, she finally rests in the faithful arms of her Savior. May we too give our lives to our heavenly Savior, so that in life or in death we may belong to Christ—so that in life or in death we would serve Christ.

Your brother in Christ,

Richard Brueck

You can read her story and her blog here:


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