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The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church as we know it today comes to us across a lengthy history of service in two lands, the British Isles and North America. It had its beginnings in the preaching of John Knox in Scotland when the Scottish Church became the official church of Scotland in 1560 A.D.  In 1733 a pastor by the name of Ebenezer Erskine led a group of Christians to form a separate Associate Presbytery (this is where we get the first part of our name). Ten years later, another group of Christians organized themselves into the Reformed Presbytery.  Both churches spread to Northern Ireland and later across the ocean to the Pennsylvania area.

It was there that both the Associate and the Reformed Presbyteries of Pennsylvania were organized between 1750-1770.  Formal talks between the “Associates” and the “Reformed” began in 1777 and by 1782 the Associate Reformed Synod was established in Philadelphia. This Synod included churches in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, the Carolinas, and Georgia. Eight years later, the Associate Reformed Presbytery of the Carolinas and Georgia was formed in Abbeville County, S.C. In 1822 the Synod of the Carolinas was granted separate status and continues on as the denomination we enjoy and love today.

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